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It is very informative to rethink about wilderness. When you think about it, being in the wilderness is like being secluded from all things that are “natural” to humans. I have learned that  what we behold as nature is a negative reflection of things that we can not fix in life. The wilderness is suppose to be a place where we can create great memories for us, our family, friends, and future generations. In the 18th century, the wilderness was symbolized as evil in the Bible. One of those reasons why was because the idolization of the golden bull took place in the wilderness. I believe that we have distanced ourselves from nature, nature by its self can never be fully unsustainable. There are lots of diseases and different cultural values that differently define what the wilderness is. There is irony in all that we do to help sustain not just the wilderness, also the ecosystems in the wilderness. We are also part of this ecosystem. I think that William Cronon is trying to tell us that we should think about a great balance between wilderness and humanity. You can still be like that cowboy who has a since of freedom and be part of the wilderness.

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