Deep Economy

What Mickiben is saying about “more and better” is that more is not always better.  When we all started inventing during the industrial revolution, we were more focused on creating more cars and buildings for market.  The government was becoming more selfish . Rapid growth increased, but others were starting to loose interest in the government and were becoming less happy.

One reason why I think that our happiness has decreased as our quality of life has gone up is because their has been racial tension in the economy. Another reason why is because our economy has been moving too fast due to the increase in products and decrease in prices. Even though there are people who can afford housing and a great paying job, there are still lots of people who can not find one due to the increase in jobs requiring a higher set skill level.

Also, we are greedy.  A lot of us would rather ask for too many things in life that we think will impress others. Just because others may have a nicer car, home, more friends and family, that does not mean that they are happy. A lot of times, they could be lonely because they do not have anyone to share their luxury with. One other thing, America is big o investing.

If you can not meet the demands of the investment, there is a likely chance that you will not be able to receive the money that you need for the things that you need and want. Businesses are collapsing and immigrants started to move in.

I think that the quote on page 44 is right! Instead of worrying about candy, schools, and jobs, we take the time to celebrate those that we love because we don’t want to grow older taking family and friends for granted. We go out and buy Christmas trees that symbolize hope for us. A lot of people see trees for building homes and tearing them down when it is not the holidays.

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