Campus Night Walks

Every night, my dorm mate, our friend and I would go on walks at night round the campus. Even though we are on campus, we never forget that we are surrounded by lots of squirrels. I stop to look at the squirrels. Yes, I do hold conversations with the squirrels, but they re quick. We look at the trees when we cross that bridge to get to the Jepson Center. I am mainly the one who pays attention to the stars and loves to be out t night. The bugs do creep me out a little, but I guess they are just doing their job! Also, in Biology class we observed Isopods( Rollie Pollies) and took them out of these containers filled with leaves and other bugs. It was amazing. P.S. they are really fast creatures! I think that it is an amazing feeling to go outside on night walks around the campus because my friends and I contemplate our thoughts. It gives us the time to focus and relieve stress before doing home work or studying.  I would personally recommend going on night walks round the campus because it is beautiful out t night. There are also a lot of people that you can hang around and experience the walk with too!

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