Bello and Song of Myself

Thoreau, Bello, and Whitman view direct experience as becoming “undistinguished and naked….. for it to be in contact…”(Whitman 2). ¬†Direct contact with nature is another way of bringing peacefulness into our lives. Singing and being one with nature in the Disney princess way is more of Bello and Whitman’s way of saying, “hey! stop worrying about fame, fortune, clothing, or anything else for a second and enjoy the moment!” Thoreau sometimes is a little, OK, a lot biased towards women and people wanting to live their lives. Though, he wants us to feel with him the warm air and to “possess the good of the earth and sun,”(Whitman 19).

Whitman and Bello , I feel think of non-human and human ways as becoming one. They both live their lives. They like to observe the ways of life and still “hangout” in the environment. All three of them do not think “growing old for that false treasure,” (Bello), would be great for the world. We shouldn’t let time pass us by and wait until we are on our death beds to gain the wilderness experience is what I know they are saying! Whitman, Thoreau, and Bello agree that the first hand experience with the non-human world hands you time to release stress. You don’t have to be shaken by a test or stressed because of an argument. You can also see cool animals and smell the flowers. Pollution is less when you are in wilderness.

I believe that Whitman’a view of modernization and nature is very a very abstract point of view. He dives into time and talks about how he will not waste any time from nature. Nature is part of our world. He though knows that we can not slack off in school and ignore problems such as our health, ¬†marriage, family, and more. He wants us to live our human lives I feel, it’s just that nature needs to be included!

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