Abram Magic

I can relate to the interconnections between the sensual world and human world. No, we don’t have to let go of all of our technologies. Though we don’t have to, we should balance and connect with nature. I have learned that animals, insects, and plants can guide us. Like the fireflies, they show us the light.

The creation of medicine is huge because in this passage. Humans have created medicine, but it was thanks to plants being present to have given us the resources. To me , it was God. I love how Abram ateĀ  a fruit that was able to sit on platter made from palm frond. We need nature. It is proven that a shaman can not have his or her work become determined all of the time.

To me , natures work is determined. It provides us with lots of vitamins, food, medicinal practices, and more. The sad part is , our work with nature is clear, but is not done. All of us on earth will have mysteries with nature and animals lingering for a long time with basking in the sun and more.

Nature is more than the spiritual world, it is part of God’s world.

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